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Medals awarded at the 2023 NZ Cheese Awards!

Medals awarded at the 2023 NZ Cheese Awards!

April 14, 2023

We are thrilled to share our recent results at the 2023 NZ Cheese Awards, where we were honored to receive 8 new medals.

Among our award-winning cheeses, our Drunken Windsor Blue has won gold for the second consecutive year! This unique cheese is infused with a sweet Irish Whisky honey liqueur, resulting in a delectable blend of fruity blue cheese and honey flavors. Our Oamaru Blue also received high praise from the judges, who commented on its delicate creaminess and well-crafted innovation.

If you're interested in trying this unique and fantastic cheese, you can find it exclusively at our Oamaru Store. And for those who want to try their hand at making it at home, we've included the recipe below!



110g Windsor Blue wedge (as many as you like)

The Dubliner – Irish Whisky Liqueur, enough to cover cheese.

Soak whole Windsor Blue wedge(s) overnight in a bowl of 'The Dubliner - Irish Whisky Liqueur' at constant temperature.

Cover to keep it safe.

Finishing / serve with:
The result is an aromatic blue cheese with notes of honey and hints of caramel. 

The alcohol evaporates quickly but the blue cheese will be ‘drunk’ and ready to be enjoyed at room temperature.
The perfect dessert on its own or as part of a cheeseboard.

This outstanding achievement is a testament to the quality of our entries, and we are immensely proud of our dedicated Whitestone team for their incredible effort creating world class cheese.


Whitestone’s 2023 Champion of Cheese Award Winning Cheeses:

Gold Medal Winners
Drunken Windsor Blue, Original New Zealand Cheese
Lindis Pass Camembert, Soft Ripened Cheese
Probiotic Brie, Soft Ripened Cheese

Silver Medal Winners
Vintage Five Forks, Original New Zealand Cheese
Ferry Road Halloumi, Greek Cypriot Cheese
Lindis Pass Brie, Soft Ripened Cheese

Bronze Medal Winner
Benmore Brie, Soft Ripened Cheese
Windsor Blue, Blue Cheese

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