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Our Whitestone Cheese mantra

We are what we make.
Seriously good cheese.

Crafted from our connections.
To our Whitestone place
and our Whitestone people.

Exploring new kinds of world tastes
that take cheese to a different place in our own 45-degree south way.

We are Whitestone.
Seriously world class.

Our History

Whitestone Cheese was founded in 1987 as a diversification to the family farm during the 1980’s rural downturn. The original factory was set up in a converted garage where one cheese, Whitestone Farmhouse, was launched. We have grown a lot since then to become a globally recognised artisan cheese brand with over 25 different cheeses. We now employ over 75 dedicated staff across New Zealand, with majority at the Oamaru factory.

Our Whitestone Place

The main Whitestone Cheese factory is based in Oamaru, North Otago, where we have 65 employees on-site. Oamaru is known for its penguins, limestone, Victorian heritage, and Steampunk. The clean water, rich limestone soils and quality pastures in North Otago allow local farmers to produce premium milk, which goes into our cheese to produce a truly unique product.

We have a smaller team located in Auckland that take care of the sales and marketing for the Auckland area, and our Whitestone Cheese Bar in Wynyard Quarter.

The rest of our team is made up of Sales Representatives and Merchandisers nationwide.

Our Whitestone People

At Whitestone Cheese we aim to employ seriously good people
to make seriously good cheese. We look for people that fit into the integrated
and innovative culture that has been fostered, whether that is entry level or experienced workers.

We offer full and part-time roles, as well as fixed-term and
casual roles during our peak season in Summer. If you want to be part of a team
that cares about its people and the product its producing, please see our
vacancies below.

Our Whitestone Offer

On the job training and upskilling

All-year round work

Consistent hours of work

Job security in a well-established, essential service company

A family friendly workplace

A personable working environment where everyone knows each other by name

An innovative and creative team

A world class team, creating world class cheese.