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Cheese enjoyed alone, with condiments or as a recipe ingredient leads to endless possibilities and combinations, here’s one of our personal favourites. Keep in touch with us via Facebook or our Blog for many more ideas and new ways to enjoy our cheeses.

After Dinner Cheese Board:

Cheese is traditionally served after a meal and before dessert. The cheeses you choose should complement the flavours of the meal just enjoyed. For example, if your main dish was red meat based, you should follow with rich and creamy blue cheeses, or strong cheddars. If a white fish and salad main, follow with mild white moulds such as brie or camembert and mild flavoured blue cheese.
For a sit-down dinner of up to eight people, select three to four different styles of cheese. Place wedges or rounds on a large plate, garnish with a few matching accompaniments (e.g. fruit, nuts, fruit paste) and partner with some crusty bread or crackers. Make sure cheese is at room temperature before serving.

Cheese and Wine Tasting Board:

If you are holding a Cheese and Wine tasting, present cheeses on a separate plates by style or region, with accompaniments and the matched wine alongside. Arrange them in the order that you plan to taste them, moving from mild flavoured to strong. Space them out on a large table or smaller tables around the room, allowing plenty of space for guests to taste and talk. Allow about 20-30g of each cheese per person.
Find the perfect cheese for your favourite wines here: Link through to ‘Wine Match’ section.

Whitestone Cheese Board suggestions:

Here are a few suggestions to get you started, but there are no set rules – experiment with different tastes, be creative and have some fun!
Simple 3 Cheese Board
• Mount Domet Double Cream Brie with red grapes
• Windsor Blue with fresh pear slices
• Totara Tasty Cheddar and quince paste
And serve with crusty French bread and plain wafers.
Antipasto Platter
• Fuchsia Creek Feta
• Livingstone Gold semi-soft cheese
• Creamy Havarti
• Five-Forks 50/50 goats/cow milk cheese
• Sliced prosciutto
• Olives
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Gherkins or caper berries
• Carrot, celery and/or red capsicum sticks
Serve with fresh crusty bread
For Cheese Connoisseurs
• Lindis Pass Brie, fabulous by itself or with plain crackers
• Island Stream sheep milk cheese with smoked almonds
• Vintage Windsor Blue with freshly sliced fig
• Aged Airedale with Sliced prosciutto
Whitestone Cheese Platters
Already packaged and readily available from all good supermarkets. 
2 Cheese Platter, perfect for Picnics: 
Windsor Blue
Totara Tasty
Quince paste
Knife. Box folds out to a serving tray
4 Cheese Selection:
Aged Airedale
Livingstone Gold
Totara Tasty
Windsor Blue