Our Environment

Managing environmental impacts at our factory site and throughout our value chain is a key focus.


We source locally where possible, with our fresh cow’s milk coming from North Otago Fonterra dairy farms, delivered daily and fresh to our factory. 

See Fonterra’s sustainable farming approach here: https://www.fonterra.com/nz/en/what-we-stand-for/trusted-goodness.html

Clean water, rich limestone soils, quality pastures and a temperate climate all make for contented cows – who then produce premium milk.

Our goats milk is sourced directly from a single Washdyke farm just north of Oamaru. Click here to view our goats milk video. All of our milk is delivered fresh and raw to be pasteurised at our factory to produce export certified cheese.

Take a look at the infographic below showing the simple steps involved in our cheese making process:


We are committed to adapting to more sustainable materials in our production and packaging practices.

Cheese needs to be packaged to strict standards to assure the product stays fresh and matures to an optimal condition. Our blue, hard and semi-soft retail cheese packs are packaged in RPET1 recyclable plastic from Flight Plastics based in Wellington. We also wax some of our bulk semi-soft and cheddar cheese, this keeps the cheese fresh, protected and free from plastic wrap.

We deliver our cheese direct to stores nationwide via chilled freight in recyclable cardboard boxes. 


Our factory's heat treatment and hot water is all heated with liquid purified gas, emitting clean atmospheric water vapour.

Our electricity is sourced from our local hydroelectric power plants, a 100% renewable energy source.

Our whey is collected and returned as stock feed to local farmers. At the factory site and store we recycle our cardboard, paper, plastics and glass where possible.

We’ve adopted a digital accounting system which has significantly reduced paper
usage and we operate with a paperless office policy. At the factory store we use BioCup takeaway coffee cups and are happy to fill keep-cups.

Our store also sell waxed cloth which is a great alternative to plastic wrap.


We are often approached
with community sponsorship opportunities and have donated cheese to various community events and causes nationwide.

Click here to see the organisations we are proudly supporting. Those that are looking for sponsorship are welcome to contact us via our Sponsorship Application Form

Whitestone Cheese stalls can be found at local Farmers Markets in Dunedin, Queenstown, Arrowtown and our Whitestone Cheese Bar in Auckland.


We are the seriously good cheese people. Producers of world class cheese made from the sweet limestone grass fed milk of North Otago. We aim to offer you an unmatched flavour experience at your table.

All of our cheeses undergo strict pathogen testing programme before leaving our factory, with additional testing that goes over and above the MPI minimum standards, therefore you can rest assured that we have gone to great measures to make sure our cheese arrives to you safely and
in optimal condition.

If you have any feedback or concerns regarding our products, please contact us on 0800 892 433 or email our Quality Control
Officer at quality@whitestonecheese.co.nz.