Celebration Cheese Cakes

Whitestone Cheese Co. offers you the ultimate choice for your special occasion – Celebration Cheese Cakes.

Custom create your own stunning and delicious cake with our wide range of premium award winning cheeses.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised to find out just how affordable our celebration cheese cakes are.

Our cheese cakes are stunning, and perfect for any kind of celebration - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.

Any enquiries please email Amy below, or call 0800 892 433.

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Example Cakes

Our example cakes below are an excellent choice as they are, or a great starting point to use as a base and begin to create your own custom cake especially for your event.  Swap and change the layers so that you have your favourite cheese, or simply use them to see how different rounds stack together. 

Cheese layers are listed for each cake from top to bottom.

You can download the full example cake brochure here.

Serving guidelines

We have some guidelines that we suggest you consider when working out how much cheese you will need for your event.

At the end of the day you want to be sure that you have enough cheese for all of your guests to enjoy.

If you are going to serve your cake alongside a traditional cake or dessert or as a nibble pre dinner, then consider 50-60g of cheese per guest.

 If you want your cake to be the “star of the show”, and it will be served for people to graze at throughout the afternoon/evening, then we would suggest that you look at look at allowing for up to 100g of cheese per guest.

 Grazing tables are proving very popular at the moment, people have a lovely table out throughout the evening so guests can come and go all night as they enjoy good company, a nice drink and perhaps even a boogie on the dance floor.

 When it comes to weddings most couples tend to order more rather than less, particularly if they would like to have some left over to serve the following day if having an after function, or to enjoy themselves as they wind down after the big day. 

Please note - we prefer to have celebration cakes booked and paid for at least a month prior to your event.  If you do place your order closer to the event we will do our best to fulfil it but cannot guarantee that we will have the cheese that you want available.

Our example cakes start from as little as $47.00, or we can custom create something to fit to your budget.  

Free Shipping on all orders over $100!

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