From Sue Berry's Kitchen

Windsor Blue Dip and Late Harvest Dessert Wine

Scoop the cheese from a wheel of Windsor Blue without damaging the outer rind to a large mixing bowl. Mix in a high quality late harvest dessert wine to create a lumpy cottage cheese texture. Return mixture to wheel outer rind and serve with fresh crusty bread.

Mt Domet Double Cream with Fruit and Toffee

Ripen a maxi wheel of Mt Domet Double Cream Brie. Layer with finely chopped nuts then fresh seasonal fruit and berries (dried fruit if out of season). Generously pour over hot melted toffee and allow to set. Slice and serve as a sweet decadent dessert.

Blue Cheese and Tomatoes on Toast

Crispy toast (Vogels original, double toasted). Lashings of Windsor Blue spread to melt. Freshly sliced baby tomatoes. Cracked pepper or pepper sauce for some spice!