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Lindis Pass Brie




Lindis Pass Brie

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"New Zealand’s greatest ever cheese" - Josh Emett, NZ’s only Michelin Star Chef.

Developed from the historic 774 AD "Brie de Meaux" recipe, Lindis Pass is Whitestone's latest brie creation. Designed to satisfy the most discerning cheese lover, this brie style requires full ripening to realise its potential, releasing its complex earthy mushroom flavours.

Named after the mountain pass which is the start point of North Otago's Waitaki river catchment, this fits with a cheese recipe that dates back to the creation of fine cheese.

Made in a traditional large 1.5kg maxi round, Lindis Pass is only available from specialist cheese delis or factory direct.

Awards: 1 Gold Medal, 3 Silver Medals and 2 Bronze Medals.