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2022 Champions of Cheese Awards - Our Winners !

2022 Champions of Cheese Awards - Our Winners !

April 28, 2022


Standing out from the crowd, we were awarded 13 medals, including two Golds in the original New Zealand category for our Drunken Windsor Blue and Vintage Five Forks. 

A gold medal first for our Drunken Windsor Blue! This aromatic cheese is created by soaking Windsor Blue wedges in a sweet Irish Whisky honey liqueur, creating a fruity blue cheese with hints of honey. This cheese is available exclusively from our Oamaru Store and Cheese Bar in Wynyard Quarter, Auckland. 

Our Vintage Five Forks is a goat/cow milk blend cheese, widely recognised for winning cheese awards. The pressed cheese was awarded Gold at the 2021 NZ Champions of Cheese Awards and has won three Golds in the Outstanding NZ Food Producer awards.

Whitestone’s 2022 Champion of Cheese Award Winning Cheeses:

Gold Medal Winners

Drunken Windsor Blue, Original New Zealand Cheese

Vintage Five Forks, Original New Zealand Cheese 

Silver Medal Winners

Benmore Brie, Soft Ripened Cheese

Creamy Havarti, NZ Made Cheeses European

Ferry Road Halloumi, Greek Cypriot Cheese

Mt Domett Double Cream Brie, Soft Ripened Cheese

Probiotic Camembert, Soft Ripened Cheese

Windsor Blue, Blue Cheese

Bronze medal Winner

Farmhouse, Original New Zealand Cheese

Livingstone Gold, Original New Zealand Cheese

Oamaru Blue, New Cheese

Vintage Windsor Blue, Blue Cheese, 

Aged Airedale, Original New Zealand Cheese

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