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Windsor Blue 1kg Giftbox

Gift one of our special Windsor Blue 1kg Giftboxes to your family, friends or yourself!   

Our flagship cheese, Windsor Blue is a creamy blue with a soft buttery texture and a silky smooth mouth feel. It has a unique blue culture that dissects the rich curd and combines to produce a delicate flavour that intensifies with ageing. Packaged in our Whitestone Wooden Giftbox, this is a great Gift for Christmas and the Holiday season. 

Bulk orders may need to be sent via chilled freight, our team will be in touch if your order will be delayed. 

Please note that weights are approximate, actual weights may vary.

Silver Medal, NZ Champions of Cheese Awards 2022
Silver Medal, NZ Champions of Cheese Awards 2021.
Gold Medal, Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2020.
Silver Medal, Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2019.
Supreme Champion 2006, 10 Trophies, 12 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal and 6 Bronze Medals. NZ Champions of Cheese Awards.


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