Soft Cheese


All our soft cheeses are made with penicillium candidum white mould, which we import from France, the traditional home of white mould cheeses. This white mould produces a specific flavour profile when combined with our North Otago grass fed milk.  Soft cheeses are ready to go to market within ten days of production, we “mould them up” in humidity controlled rooms at 14 degrees, gravity does all the work on pressing these cheeses, so they have a soft texture.
Our range of soft cheeses covers a spectrum of preferences, Brie varieties follow a traditional un-stabilised recipe, so they are quite bland when young and fresh, then the starter cultures work away to mature with time. So the closer to their best-by date, the better the flavours. Think of them just like avocados, too firm and they’ll be too young, softer and they will be mature with a stronger and more developed is the flavour.
Our Camembert is produced as a “ready ripe” stabilized variety, so it’s cooked a little longer in the vat. The flavour profile doesn’t change a huge amount throughout it’s maturation period.  
Lindis Pass is our flagship white mould, it’s high moisture level means it’s shelf is limited however this is soon made up for with texture and flavour profile.
Try some of our delicious soft cheeses: Lindis Pass, Waitaki Camembert, Brie, Mount Domet Double Cream Brie, Probiotic Brie, Probiotic Camembert.