Blue Cheese

We have developed our own unique blue culture which is unique to Whitestone, it develops a sweet finish once developed well, which we really enjoy. This unique culture is added to the vat for each of our blue cheese varieties. Variables in cream, time and hoop size make each blue cheese variety different – Windsor, Moeraki Bay and Highland Blue.
Pressed by utilizing gravity and a regular turning method, the cheese curds are formed not too tightly, allowing air pockets to form, which promotes mould growth in these cavities during maturation.
Our blues are pierced with a stainless steel head, allowing oxygen to penetrate and feed the aerobic mould growth with the piercing (or vein) and cavities. Our blue cheeses are then aged from 6 weeks to 6 months in humidity and temperature controlled rooms.
Windsor Blue our flagship cheese, is an original world class champion blue. 
Currently Windsor Blue holds 12 Gold Medals, 10 Trophies and was awarded NZ Supreme Champion in 2006.
Try some of great blue cheese: Windsor Blue, Vintage Windsor Blue, Moeraki Bay Blue, Highland Blue