NZ Cheese Awards

Our Cheese Maker’s ability is reflected in the annual New Zealand Cheese Awards, which we have attended since their inception in 1994.
Every year the NZ Specialist Cheesemakers Association arrange judging at the New Zealand Cheese Awards.  Cheeses are appraised by a panel of 28 judges looking for flavour, aroma, appearance, texture and body. 
Cheeses that score 96 points and above are awarded gold medals, from 92-95 win silver medals and 88 -91 are bronze. Gold medal winners are then judged and assessed for a single category Champion Trophy award.
In the final round, all gold medal winning cheeses are assessed by all judges, to vote for the annual Supreme Champion of Champion. 
The rigour and independence of the NZ judging is acclaimed both in New Zealand and internationally.
For information on the latest New Zealand Cheese Awards click here.