Amy Francis

June 13, 2016
Position: Marketing Assistant
Started at Whitestone: 2016
Favourite Cheese: Tough question!!! Windsor Blue or Five Forks or Lindis Pass Brie...
What she always says: I love you to my hubby and girls
Proudest moment: When my two daughters were born. I was also very proud of myself when I boarded a plane and went on my OE on my own.
She can’t do without:  Cheese and wine
Favourite drink: A nice cold Pinot Gris
Gets annoyed when: My daughter doesn't get dressed EVERY morning!!!
Advice to live by: Live well, laugh often, love much, be grateful for every moment - and I have a sign on my fridge reminding myself that I love to dance - I see it, i turn on some music and the girls and I have a dance party in the kitchen while I make dinner!  Dance like no one is watching!!